Become a better speaker in two days.

Corporate Seminar: Professional Presentations

In every company there are communicators -- sales representatives, managers, consultants, or trainers – who exert a significant impact on the organization’s results. Our two-day corporate seminars help these people become more powerful presenters, enhancing the results they deliver to the company.


Professional Presentations is a two-day corporate seminar to enhance participants’ presentation skills through instruction, modeling, and practice. Quentin Steele, the seminar leader, will coach participants to increase their confidence and credibility in any kind of business presentation. This typical outline for the seminar can be customized to meet the needs of your organization. Each participant will receive a workbook, a graduation certificate, and a video of all of their presentations.


Contact us to discuss scheduling Professional Presentations for your organization.


Segment One: Success Factors for Professional Presentations

  • Get to know each other and learn the core skills of a great speaker
  • Present a short self-introduction to our enthusiastic studio audience (not videotaped)
  • Learn the secrets of speaking with credibility and confidence
  • Prepare and present “You’re the Expert” (videotaped)
  • Review videotapes
  • Organize your speeches using a simple, intuitive method
  • Prepare and present “Team Presentation One” (videotaped)
  • Review videotapes
  • 28 Steps to Fearless Speaking
  • Assign “The Power of Persuasion”


Segment Two: The Power of Persuasion

  • Prepare and present “The Power of Persuasion” (videotaped)
  • Learn the principles of effective question and answer sessions
  • Present question and answer sessions as an addendum to “The Power of Persuasion”
  • Review videotapes
  • Discuss effective vocal variety, pitch, volume, and speed
  • Prepare and present “Team Presentation Two” (videotaped)
  • Review videotapes
  • Prepare and present “A Hero in My Life” (videotaped)
  • Review videotapes


Segment Three: Show and Tell

  • Learn the principles of effective presentation graphics
  • Learn how to effectively utilize projectors, flipcharts, and object lesson visuals
  • Discuss effective transitions
  • Assign “Speaking with Strength”
  • Prepare and present “Speaking with Strength” (videotaped)
  • Review videotapes


Segment Four: The Art of Storytelling

  • Storytelling: The Classic Plot Structure
  • Prepare and present “Long, Long Ago” (videotaped)
  • Review videotapes
  • Prepare and present “Team Presentation Three” (videotaped)
  • Review videotapes
  • Receive Certificates of Completion

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