Become a better speaker in two days.

Individual coaching

Become the best speaker you can be

Would you like to become a more effective public speaker? Strong presentation skills enable you to increase sales, convey your points more effectively, and strengthen your influence within the organization. This career investment will pay dividends for years to come. Quentin Steele Communications provides individual coaching for executive officers, clients preparing for an important presentation, or anyone who prefers a more private setting.


We customize this training to your specific needs. We coach our clients to increase their confidence and credibility in any kind of business presentation. You will witness dramatic results from our focused exercises and video critiques.


"Instant-Replay Coaching", the driving force behind our executive speech coaching, is guaranteed to quickly improve your speaking style. We record your presentation on videotape, and then view the tape in a comfortable, supportive environment. We’ll identify areas of strength first, and discuss how to expand and build on those strengths. Then we’ll identify areas for improvement. Our clients see a significant improvement in their speaking skills through Instant-Replay Coaching.


Preparing for the big speech

If you are preparing for a specific presentation, let us help you with the speech organization, the presentation slides, and the speaking skills that will make your speech a winning event.


Call for a consultation

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