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Our clients speak...

"I completed a speech class in college and considered myself a pretty "experienced" speaker, however, taking your class revealed how much more I could learn. Your video techniques were especially helpful in addressing the bad habits I"ve picked up over the years."

Rich S "Your recent class on public speaking was one of the most valuable, useful, and beneficial I"ve taken recently. Personally, I now feel more confident and comfortable speaking to any group, large or small. Your advice and direction concerning voice inflection, hand gestures, and speech delivery has proven invaluable."

Karl F


"I especially liked the positive feedback from you after each presentation as we reviewed our videorecorded performance. Seeing myself on videotape helped build my confidence. Knowing that I did not look as nervous as I felt was a powerful tool for me."

Pam B


"The way you structured the feedback was very positive and constructive. When you have the videotape to view, it is very easy to see what you are doing wrong and what you are doing right."

Jane S


"As a result of the training I am better prepared to make speeches and presentations with confidence and power. Your teaching style is excellent, and information was presented in a clear, understandable fashion. The video sessions were also extremely helpful in highlighting both strengths and weaknesses in presentation style."

James P


"The training is individually focused and tailored to meet the varying needs of the individual. The results have been outstanding. And Quentin Steele is a pleasant, positive individual who inspires the best from participants."

Mike W




Professional Presentations

Executive Presentation Skills

Public Seminars


Seminar Description

Professional Presentations is a two-day public seminar to enhance participants" public speaking skills through instruction, modeling, and practice. Quentin Steele, the seminar leader, will coach participants to increase their confidence and credibility in any kind of business presentation. We cap our seminars at eight participants, so that each person will receive lots of hands-on experience and individual coaching. Each participant will receive a workbook, a graduation certificate, and a video of all of their presentations.


To Register, call us at 916.768.0705 or email us.


Next Seminar: November 5-6, 2015 (Friday & Saturday) | Sacramento, California

8880 Cal Center Drive, STE 400

Sacramento, CA 95826


Professional Presentations

8:30am - 5:00pm

Lunch included

Seminar Fee: $1100

Payment by company purchase order, or check (we will invoice you)

Quentin Steele Communications is a State of California certified small business #47804


Segment One: Success Factors for Professional Presentations

  • Get to know each other and learn the core skills of a great speaker
  • Self-introductions (not videorecorded)
  • Learn the secrets of speaking with credibility and confidence
  • "You're the Expert" (videorecorded)
  • Organize your speeches using a simple, intuitive method
  • "Team Presentation One" (videorecorded)
  • 28 Steps to Fearless Speaking
  • Assign "The Power of Persuasion"


Segment Two: The Power of Persuasion

  • Learn the principles of effective question and answer sessions
  • "The Power of Persuasion" (videorecorded)
  • Discuss effective vocal variety, pitch, volume, and speed
  • "Team Presentation Two" (videorecorded)
  • "A Hero in My Life" (videorecorded)


Segment Three: Show and Tell

  • Learn the principles of effective presentation graphics
  • Learn how to effectively utilize projectors, flipcharts, and object lesson visuals
  • Discuss effective transitions
  • "Taking Care of Business" (videorecorded)


Segment Four: The Art of Storytelling

  • Storytelling: The Classic Plot Structure
  • "Long, Long Ago" (videorecorded)
  • "Team Presentation Three" (videorecorded)
  • Receive Certificates of Completion


To Register, call us at 916.768.0705 or email us.

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