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Our Training Approach

Our training approach combines videotaped presentation assignments (Instant-Replay Coaching) with focused exercises to achieve dramatic results:


Instant-Replay Coaching

  • We give a presentation assignment and goals for that assignment. Assignments include both prepared and extemporaneous speeches.
  • Each participant presents the assigned presentation, which we record on video.
  • We replay the video, solicit self-critiques from the participant, and then present our own critique.
  • We work with the participants to set improvement goals for the next presentation.
  • We repeat the cycle for each assignment.


Development through Focused Exercises

We use focused exercises such as the following to develop specific skills:

  • How to convey confidence and credibility through gestures, posture, voice quality, and eye contact.
  • How to reduce the use of  “uh” and other non-words.
  • How to bring out your “natural voice”, to increase resonance and reduce tension.
  • How to clarify enunciation.
  • How to create and use effective visuals to support your speech.
  • How to conduct an effective question and answer period.
  • How to build effective presentation slides, based on streamlined design and high readability.


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy throughout the training is based on respect for the individual. We encourage the speakers to build on strengths and overcome weaknesses in an enjoyable environment that considers the individual’s feelings and promotes confidence. The result is that each participant develops a unique style, combining the principles of good presentations with his/her personality, talents, and strengths.

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